Tailor-made programs

For institutions, French by EPITA offers bespoke courses that meet learners’ French language needs. The teaching team is skilled at delivering programmes that meet the needs of a wide range of French and international partners. The centre currently trains over 130 international students from a variety of institutions, including some of EPITA’s international programme students.

A tried-and-tested method

The teaching team creates bespoke programmes using a clear, effective method:


Identifying the need


Analysis of the learners, their needs and their proficiency in French through information gathering


Data analysis by the ‘French by EPITA’ teaching team


Proposal and approval of a training programme


Teaching the group of learners, course evaluation and assessment

Bespoke training courses

Based on learners’ French language and communication needs, the French by EPITA teaching team can create bespoke programmes, plan French lesson sessions, place students into the appropriate level group and monitor their progress. The tutors can teach the course at the institution’s own premises in France or at the Paris campus of the French by EPITA centre. Throughout the course, the teaching team maintains constant contact with institutions’ learning teams to ensure the courses are high quality and are providing the foreign language skills they require.

Bespoke training is ideal for the following student profiles:
- International students at a university: to be able to communicate in French and validate ECTS credits ;
- Professionals: to be able to communicate in French in everyday work situations.

Contact the teaching team

To enquire about training or ask a question about our methodology, contact the French by EPITA team via email :