French by EPITA center

Established in 2015, French by EPITA is an accredited French as Foreign Language (FLE) teaching centre.

Part of EPITA engineering school, the language centre at its Paris campus helps international students feel at home with French language and culture, enhancing their day-to-day French language proficiency at the school and in their future careers.

Every year, the French by EPITA centre welcomes over 60 different nationalities to its Paris campus. With nearly 200 students, studying French at EPITA offers opportunities to connect with many other native French-speaking and international students, promoting personal and professional development in a truly multicultural environment.

The centre is an intercultural hub where the French teaching team encourages interaction and discussion within class and during cultural visits to Paris.

Our mission

The mission of French by EPITA is to teach students who want to learn or improve their knowledge of the French language, whether for professional reasons, to pursue higher studies in France, or simply for personal reasons.

The centre is proud to welcome and support students in an innovative environment. It organises activities that optimise their personal and professional integration in France, while also offering regular individual support.

EPITA, school of engineering and computer science

As one of France’s top science and engineering schools, EPITA provides outstanding scientific and technical training with an international outlook and a focus on business, research and innovation. Tomorrow’s digital engineers are equipped with the technical and managerial skills they need to succeed. The school offers French and international students undergraduate courses, apprenticeship courses and courses for professionals.

The school is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the French Engineering Qualifications Commission (CTI) and the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) association of top French engineering and business schools.

EPITA’s international programs

The French by EPITA centre is part of the international programs department at EPITA, whose mission is to expand the international reach of higher education at the Paris campus, in line with the school’s global strategy and in coordination with other departments.

EPITA offers an international Bachelor’s degree, three Masters of Science degrees, short programmes, opportunities for study abroad programs and double degrees.

IONIS Education Group, France’s leading private higher education group

IONIS Education Group is France’s leading private higher education group. Its 26 schools and establishments across 26 cities in France and abroad bring together around 30,000 business, marketing, communications, management, finance, computer science, digital technology, aeronautics, energy, transport, biotechnology and design students.

Being part of the IONIS Group means the French by EPITA centre benefits from its resources and capabilities to provide high quality innovative and future-focused teaching and learning.

The center is committed to placing the reception and support of students at the heart of its activity in an innovative environment, with activities to facilitate personal and professional integration in France and regular individual support.